I love the idea of mixing art with LEGOS.
New artist’s are popping up everywhere using LEGO mini-figures and blocks to make sculptures, photography, illustrations, paintings, mosaics and other artworks.


LEGO is definitely not just for children, anyone with a creative side can use LEGO as their new medium. Many people are successful in selling their LEGO inspired artworks on popular websites such as Etsy Society6 Artfire.com eBay Zazzle and many more.
If you take the time to look at some of the wonderful artwork created, the LEGO brand is definitely worth investing in, just a few mini-figures and a theme in mind you can re-create a famous scene like the link here or make your own themes. With just a few bricks you can make a LEGO heart necklace, cuff-links or earrings. With your own photographs you can use programs like photoshop to completely transform the look or use it as a reference to paint your own depiction.
Making your own artwork also means you will have something no one else does, something unique and one of a kind. Have old LEGOS lying around not being used. Make your own Wall Art or something completely different…

LEGO Painting by Martin Halaxa on DevaintArt


LEGO earrings