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Hello all!

I am very passionate about all things art and craft related! One of our largest collections at home is LEGO. I enjoy trying to find new uses for things I have lying around, it helps me feel less wasteful and also inspires my creative side! So here are just some of the cool things you can do with your LEGOS lying around at home…



LEGO Mini-figures.




LEGO Bricks

I love the idea of mixing toys and art, I think it’s amazing what some people can do. Artist’s from all over can make a living from selling their impressive artworks on websites such as Society6, Etsy, eBay, ClickforArt, Artfire and many more. I think it’s worth browsing all these websites for unique handmade gifts and craft/art inspiration!

Reusing old toys is also a cheap way to have some fun! You can use LEGO in your home decor, digital art and design practice, painting and illustrating or just create entirely new models to display suitable to your tastes.

If you don’t consider yourself an artist it’s still very fun to practice. Anyone with a little artistic or crafting skill can make something wonderful and unique.




LEGO & Woodworking




Gift for a Graduate





LEGO Humor




I’m sure a lot of you will have spare LEGO mini-figures lying around and depending on what image or design you want to make they are not very expensive to buy on websites like eBay or Amazon. 

You can base your artwork on your own photography and manipulate it in software like PhotoShop, Gimp and ArtRage. You can also  build your own scene to use as a reference in illustrations, and of course you could craft something using bricks and mini-figures or just re-paint and decal them and come up with a creative way to display your work.

The options are plentiful… so get creative!