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How to make a Boat in a Nutshell

So here is a very simple yet fun activity to make little model boats out of Nutshells. I seen this great post on WikiHow and thought I’d share it with you! 


What you will need:

  • A walnut
  • A piece of paper
  • Scissors
  • Stickers or markers for drawings
  • A cocktail stick or matchstick
  • A small piece of modelling clay, plasticine, poster tack or chewing gum
  • Paint, Colouring penils or Pens for Drawing

1. Crack the walnut as carefully as you can. Make sure that it is in two perfect halves. A hammer would be the best tool to use although you could try to use a knife. Take the nut out of the shell.

2. Cut a small shape out of the paper to create a sail. It can be a rectangle or a few triangles; get creative, although you might like to try different shapes to see which sail best.

3. Decorate the little paper sail in any way you like. You can put stickers on the sail or you can colour it with coloured pencils.

4. Thread the cocktail stick or matchstick through the top and bottom of the paper sail to form a mast.

5. Push a small lump of clay, plasticine, post tack or chewed gum into the middle of the walnut half. Push one end of the cocktail stick or matchstick into the modelling clay. Adjust to ensure that the sail sits straight and even.

The best part is these actually float so you can have fun with these with friends!



Check out this tutorial, a fun activity to get involved with the kid’s with all those broken and unused crayons! You can do this on all different types of paper of different colours and sizes to brighten up any room.


Make your own Abstract Crayon art and frame it.

Or you can add in other elements such as your own paintwork  and illustrations like this wonderful example on sale at ETSY right now.


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