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We sell a large range of LEGO at tictoctoyshop.

We know that many LEGO collector’s don’t want to have to buy the full set just for one particular mini-figure brick or accessory, so we sell a large amount of mini-figures from all different sets. Some new, some pre-loved and some vintage. We add new accessories and extra LEGO parts weekly so that you can build the best creations.

We sell Armor pieces, weapons and accessories which enable you to design your mini-figure just the way you want.

We are very competitive on eBay, you’ll find most of our listings will be the cheapest. We are currently designing our own website which you will be able to enjoy good deals and discounts from.

LEGO Star Wars mini-figure elite ARF trooper RECONNAISSANCE SPECIALIST CLONE

We also collect many older discontinued and rare LEGO sets, some in pre-loved condition and some never been played with, although we will provide as much information about these listings as we can including set numbers, mini-figures included and more.


LEGO Star Wars Episode 1


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