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Reusing LEGO

Reusing LEGO

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Hello all!

I am very passionate about all things art and craft related! One of our largest collections at home is LEGO. I enjoy trying to find new uses for things I have lying around, it helps me feel less wasteful and also inspires my creative side! So here are just some of the cool things you can do with your LEGOS lying around at home…



LEGO Mini-figures.




LEGO Bricks

I love the idea of mixing toys and art, I think it’s amazing what some people can do. Artist’s from all over can make a living from selling their impressive artworks on websites such as Society6, Etsy, eBay, ClickforArt, Artfire and many more. I think it’s worth browsing all these websites for unique handmade gifts and craft/art inspiration!

Reusing old toys is also a cheap way to have some fun! You can use LEGO in your home decor, digital art and design practice, painting and illustrating or just create entirely new models to display suitable to your tastes.

If you don’t consider yourself an artist it’s still very fun to practice. Anyone with a little artistic or crafting skill can make something wonderful and unique.




LEGO & Woodworking




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LEGO Humor




I’m sure a lot of you will have spare LEGO mini-figures lying around and depending on what image or design you want to make they are not very expensive to buy on websites like eBay or Amazon. 

You can base your artwork on your own photography and manipulate it in software like PhotoShop, Gimp and ArtRage. You can also  build your own scene to use as a reference in illustrations, and of course you could craft something using bricks and mini-figures or just re-paint and decal them and come up with a creative way to display your work.

The options are plentiful… so get creative!


Upcycling Old Toys – 5 Plastic Party Animals ideas

I’m always on the look out for upcycling and recycling ideas and tips. There is plenty of posts online covering almost everything you could think of, so today I thought I’d share just one of the many toys you can upcycle into home decor and personal accessories.

Plastic party animals, if you have kids you will likely have some of these somewhere, the type of toys you get in a child’s party bag. If not they are very cheap to buy online or at your local toy store and you can transform them into a piece of art to be proud of!

An example

1.  The first idea I’m going to share with you is – Animal Hooks to hang small items such as jewellery and bags/purses.

Explained in great detail over at Pysselbolaget 

What a transformation, and you can even do the same again using the other half of the animals!  Click on this link to find out how it’s done!

Using your own style, other mediums and different coloured paints you can definitely make your own piece of wall art with old plastic toys…who would have thought.

Click me to be taken to the tutorial

2. The second wonderful idea is turning the larger animals into book ends! You can find the tutorial over at Mad in Crafts Blog.

Again you can adorn your animals with other crafty ideas, decorating them with fabric, wire, jewellery, charms, paint work and more but I think these look great as they are!

Click me to be taken to the tutorial

3. Using larger plastic animals as plant holders – for home or garden. On sites like ETSY

you will find this great idea, using a larger plastic animal you can cut out a hole on the back, fill it with dirt and a plant and place them in your home!

Click to see me on etsy

This seller has put a cute chain on him and covered him in glitter, again there are so many ways to customise your plastic animal or just paint him a bold colour to brighten up your day!.

4. These look super stylish, customising your own jars. With some toys, glue and spray paint this is an idea anyone can do!

Luzia Pimpinella blog shows you how. You can even do this with plastic cars, soldiers and many other plastic toys.

Click me to be taken to the tutorial

5. Last of all… Mounted Toy Animal Heads – These would look great for a child’s bedroom!

Over at PleaseNote you will find a great tutorial on these.

Click me to be taken to the tutorial

Thank you for reading, I hope some of these ideas inspire you as they did for me! Instead of throwing away old toys in the bin, you can look up countless craft and D.I.Y ideas online for inspiration, upcycling them into something far more wonderful than they were before 🙂


I love the idea of mixing art with LEGOS.
New artist’s are popping up everywhere using LEGO mini-figures and blocks to make sculptures, photography, illustrations, paintings, mosaics and other artworks.


LEGO is definitely not just for children, anyone with a creative side can use LEGO as their new medium. Many people are successful in selling their LEGO inspired artworks on popular websites such as Etsy Society6 eBay Zazzle and many more.
If you take the time to look at some of the wonderful artwork created, the LEGO brand is definitely worth investing in, just a few mini-figures and a theme in mind you can re-create a famous scene like the link here or make your own themes. With just a few bricks you can make a LEGO heart necklace, cuff-links or earrings. With your own photographs you can use programs like photoshop to completely transform the look or use it as a reference to paint your own depiction.
Making your own artwork also means you will have something no one else does, something unique and one of a kind. Have old LEGOS lying around not being used. Make your own Wall Art or something completely different…

LEGO Painting by Martin Halaxa on DevaintArt


LEGO earrings

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