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4. The Padme Naberrie ( Queen Amidala ) Mini-figure in Episode One.

Character – Padme Naberrie also known as Queen Amidala of Naboo and Senator Amidala of the Galactic Republic. Later in her life, Amidala became the secret wife of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and the mother of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo ( Princess Leia ), two of the most important figures in Galactic history.

In LEGO –  The origianl Padme Naberrie minifigure has yellow flesh, and slightly different printing on her torso she appears in Anakin’s podracer (7131) and Mos Espa Podrace (7171) dressed as one of her handmaidens to avoid detection. She was redesigned for (7961) Sith Infiltrator in 2011. She has never appeared as Queen Amidala wearing her royal robes, although we hope to see her in the later half of 2012.

Padme has two faces, one is smiling and the other has a look of concern.


What Amidala might look like in 2012


2011 variation of Padme Amidala



The redesigned variation of Padme can be seen with:

  • A short blaster to protect herself
  • Gray vest with Blue undershirt.
  • Red-jeweled Belt
  • Braided long hair at the top and flows down her back.

3. The Jar Jar Binks Mini-figure in Episode One


The CharacterHe was originally banished from his homeland on the planet Naboo for his cluminess, but the goofy Gungan later was the first Gungan to represent his people in the Galactic Senate, first serving as a Junior Representative along with Senator Padme Amidala, and then, after her death, serving as full Senator.


In LEGO –  Jar Jar Binks was the first LEGO Mini-figure ever to have a unique sculpted head. He appeared in five Episode One sets in 1999-2000 and came back in 2011 with a slightly different look, his head now has printing on it.


             The printed version:

  • The new Jar Jar Binks can be assembled in 3 pieces.                      
  • He has flat eyes, painted yellow with black pupils.
  • He has mottled skin good for camouflage.
  • There are only two variations of Jar Jar Binks so far.



2. The Obi-Wan Kenobi Mini-figure in Episode One


The Character – As a youngling he was trained under Grand Master Yoda. He later became apprentice to Jedi Mater Qui-Gon Jinn. and mentor of Anakin and Luke Skywalker training both in the ways of the force. He became the first Jedi in approximately 1,000 years to defeat a Sith Lord in combat when he defeated Darth Maul.


In LEGO -The young version of Obi-Wan Kenobi appears in four different LEGO Star Wars sets although each mini-figure has a slight variation. One of these earlier versions of young Obi-Wan Kenobi has a Jedi braid over his right shoulder in Jedi Defense set 7203. This variant is unique to that set and his torso pieces in this set are not used on any other minifigures.

One side of Obi-Wan’s head looks relaxed with a smile while the other side is more serious.


His most recent Episode One variation comes with:      

  • Brown Jedi Hood
  • Blue Lightsaber
  • Tan legs and torso with trusty utility belt.
  • Jedi cape.

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